India Today - Shameless Politicians insulting the Nation every day

Scandals after scandals, as if there was a river of scandals flowing from the Congress party's offices and establishments everywhere.

The latest sad news of the Government's involvement in Purulia arms-drop is a matter of utter shame for the Government and the Congress party. But, even this has no effect on them, simply because people are indifferent.

The Congress party and their Government have no moral right to visit the Gandhi Samadhi or any of his places. They must stop committing such sacrilege immediately.

But, if they wish, the Nation can give them one last chance to change themselves and for that they should pass the following laws through an immediate special session of Parliament:

1. Pass the Jan Lok pal Bill as created by the civil society ;

2. Pass the law to recall the elected representative at all levels, if a petition is given by 1,000 votes in a ward for Municipal level; by 5,000 voters in an Assembly segment and by 20,000 voters in a Parliamentary segment;

3. Make Education, Health, Job, House for all without any distinction and/or discrimination as the basic right of every citizen and make it the first responsibility of every Government to provide it with top-priority;

4. With the above in place, there will be no need of any reservation on caste, minority, region etc. basis and that can be abolished once the above is implemented. The time of implementation of point No. 3 will be only three months;

5. Make 50% reservation for women in all elected seats for a period of 10 years and implement a time bound program that will remove the discrimination against women, after which this reservation can be stopped;

6. Announce a complete stoppage of all Nuclear programs, whether they are in the name of energy or arms. India does not want Nuclear technology in any shape. We will change our life style to manage with lesser electricity, if that is the price. Announce a serious, time-bound program to develop fusion-technology and solar/wind energy sources to increase the availability of energy for all;

7. Announce Farming as the National-priority industry and give all the facilities required by the farmers to lead a dignified life, while earning through their work of providing food to the Nation. Farmers must get a dignified life with immediate effect;

8. Stop all subsidy given to large industry. Recall all subsidy given to them. Set all laws that have been changed for their benefit, with immediate effect and make small, cottage, village and cooperative enterprise as the National priority;

Once the above is implemented, the direction will become clear and the Nation will get Dignified life for all and we will not mind you ruling the Nation as a true Gandhian party.

If they cannot implement this, you have to go. Humanist Party of India has decided to field candidates across India and reach power and implement the above program, starting from the first day of its formation of Humanist Government in India, without any excuses of any kind whatsoever.
Note: This is part of Humanist agenda, to which we are fully committed.


Saturday the 24th. Humanist Party - working to build Universal Human Nation
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